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The aim of this handbook is to provide guidelines for effective communication in the marine engineering context. The guidelines are linguistic in nature, i.e. we wish to raise awareness about the communicative effect that is achieved by using particular linguistic structures. The handbook is based on the assumption that language is used purposefully.
he handbook is intended for students who have just graduated from a maritime higher education (MET) institution, the department of marine engineering. It is also intended for engineer officers who engage in written correspondence with superintendents, technical staff, etc. on a daily basis, and finally, it can be used by Maritime English (ME) instructors for teaching writing to students of marine engineering whose English language proficiency is estimated to be B2 or higher according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR2).
Maritime English is an umbrella term which refers to the English language used by seafarers both at sea and in port and by individuals working in the shipping and shipbuilding industry.


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